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 Dr. Daniel Chang, MD, FRCPC, Dermatologist


480 Chrysler Drive, Unit 38, Brampton, ON, L6S 0S1

You can enter plaza at 470 Chrysler Drive which is connected to 480 Chrysler Drive (see below for map and pictures)

Phone: 905-789-6800 

(Our phoneline is often busy, but best days to call are Mondays and Tuesdays when we have 2 staff on duty).  Easiest way is to book online 24/7.  We have many last minute cancellations.  Check online every morning or late evenings and you are likely to get an appt the same day!

Fax: 905-789-5991


To book now, click the Book Now button on the right after reading below.  Sorry medical questions cannot be answered by phone or Email.

The office will re-open on Monday June 1 at 50% capacity.  Do not come to the office if you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID.  When you arrive, patients are expected to social distance and face masks are encouraged.  There will be no sitting in the waiting room to minimize surface contamination.  You can only sit if you have a physical disability.  Only 2 patients in the waiting room at all times.  We also encourage standing in the examination room.  The washroom will be closed to the public to minimize the spread of germs.  Please use your home bathroom before coming for your appointment.  We apologize for the inconvenience and please stay safe.   Please note the office will also be open for light patients. 

Dr. Chang is a dermatologist practicing in Brampton, Ontario. New patients are welcome by referral only from your family doctor. A letter of referral is required from your doctor.
It is preferred that a referral letter is given to you by your family doctor and you can telephone or Email our office directly to book your own appointment. In this way, the most convenient appointment times are made for each patient.  If you are a returning patient, you can only book an appt if it has been less then 2 years from your previous appt AND you have the same problem, otherwise, you will need a new referral letter from your family doctor before booking again.   If you have a new different problem and it has been more than one year, then you will also need a new referral letter. If you are not sure when your last visit date was, please email us before booking online. 

To book now, just click on the Book Now button on the right.  We have many last minute cancellations.   Check online every morning or late evenings and you are likely to book an appt the same day!

Patients are reminded to bring their OHIP health cards for each visit. Patients that do not bring their OHIP card may be charged a visit fee directly. Please also bring your referral letter from your family doctor.

Certain treatments are no longer covered by OHIP including treatment of common warts (genital and plantar warts are still covered), removal of skin tags and benign moles.

Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Friday 845 AM to 330 PM.   Closed between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. Closed Weekends and Holidays. 

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